Ashes (2018)

Dark, thought-provoking and at times, comedic. Two sisters try to save themselves and their sanity on what seems like a never-ending road trip to scatter their mother’s ashes to rest.

‘Ashes’ screened as part of Bolton, Lift-Off online and Kino film festivals in the UK.


My Kin (2013)

A disturbing incident leads Ally to seek revenge for her sister’s attack.

Ally becomes obsessed with the man she believes has attacked her sister, Ellie – dragging her best friend into the drama to teach Matt a lesson not to mess with her family. Unfortunately things take a turn worse when Ally reveals the extent of her plans for revenge –  there’s no going back when they learn that they may have punished the wrong guy.


Tag (2011)

A young man wants to stop living a lie but fears rejection by his mother if he reveals his true self.